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An eclectic and sophisticated connected
                person's web-world.

I am Barry Hanold and...

Hello and Welcome

Active and interesting... Interconnected and intertwined elements describe my life's disparate sections.

Like life, this website is a work-in-progress.  The change rate is variable. (potentially there is a section not operational or effective.)

In this world... all earth inhabitants should understand each other, wherever we live, whatever language we speak.  Each inhabitant wielding respect and appreciation for each other.


My life is multifaceted.  Professional elements mix creativity, design and management with depth and breadth of technology.  Personal elements for my active life mix includes sports, clubs / organizations, volunteering and outdoor activities.  All personal and professional elements reflect my caring life.  "Mother Nature" provides much beauty along the life route.  A diverse social fabric links all this together.

My website is about connecting and being broadly connected while weaving together "everything" that my world encompasses.

WebEx Meeting

If we are meeting via WebEx, please follow the following link / URL.  Once at this website, you will be prompted for the meeting number.  For each meeting, I will supply the meeting number.

WebEx is a wonderful tool.  The WebEx site provides secure connection between computers.  WebEx allows offsite / remote demonstrations, user activities and support.


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