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I enjoy an active life.  Being physically active and social active, I like being involved as a guide and participating.  I prefer no splash exist and hold no fanfare requirements because actions distinguish an individual and observant people appreciate real accomplishments.

I volunteer my time with non-profit groups.  I participate in social groups.

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Being involved with one's community connects one to the community.  The connection shares back with the giver.  Community connections yield a large connection mesh.

Having an open mind and being willing to try things broadens an individual's horizons.  I have a try almost anything attitude yet I am conservative regarding decency and honor issues.  Learning disparate things provides insights and perspectives, often atypical insights.

Helping friends...

Regularly I help a friend through a computer related problem.  This helps maintain my telephone technical support skills.  (methods for describing the display and/or for steps to work the issue.)


For years, I have volunteered with local groups.  My parents volunteered and instilled this value in me.  I started volunteering before I graduated high school.

Moving to New York City region really changed my volunteering.  One issue was traveling for work.  One issue was all the youth sports and activities I volunteered to work previously were not interested in my skills.

So far I have enjoyed many wonderful experiences volunteering.  Meeting the other volunteers means learning a small amount about a whole group of individuals.  Most volunteers have a certain invigorating warmth, compassion, caring and awareness plus a desire to make a difference.  I like being involved thereby feeling this energy.

Some volunteer activities raised money for the group while other activities provided the staff necessary for the events to happen.  Here I will only list the activities I served for many years (an activity where I was long-term volunteer).

Volunteer Activities (some past and some present)

  • field commissioner and team trainer boy's and girl's soccer (6 to 14 year-olds)
  • helping around NYC Schools
  • theater ushering
  • various charities, doing support activities (behind the scene activities and assisting)
  • assisting Marfan Foundation events (helping meet needs for planning and/or staffing events)

All volunteers who put their heart into helping and their head to making a difference enjoy the rewards.  These rewards make the efforts worth the requirements plus doing things properly.

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Guest or Visitor Host

I enjoy helping any individual arrive at their destination, see the sights, do an activity the individual loves, enjoy a theater production, dining, etc.

I seem to have the tourist information sign above my head.  Often I am the individual asked for directions.  Answering the questions keeps me sharp and thinking.

Regularly I am afforded the opportunity being host for out-of-town individuals.  I do my best to appreciate an individual's tastes, I always ask what types of things the individual or group enjoys or expects to see.

This might be viewed as the "good tour guide" deal.  I do tour guide and guest services for friends and acquaintances regularly.  It is fun and means that I get to see stuff around Manhattan, the 5 Boroughs or other locations.  (I have been tour guide in over two dozen cities.)  Many local individuals take a city for granted.  The locals just don't dig and learn about their town.  Yet, out-of-towner individuals come and say let's visit and/or what caught the individual's fancy.

This doing varied fun stuff, discovering wonderful things with diversity is why I like being a tour guide.  I learn so much.

Receiving a "thank you" is the wonderful reward.

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Tall Club

Tall clubs are a collection of local clubs for tall individuals.

Tall clubs were founded in 1938 by Kae Sumner Einfeldt (1916-1996).  Kae approached a newspaper writer for Los Angeles Times for an article about issues for tall individuals.  As an after through she suggested meeting to discuss tall related issues.  The first gathering was small.  Yet, this initial meeting worked and the group kept meeting.  The original tall club named themselves California Tip Toppers Club.

Today, local tall clubs operate in many cities or regions.  Local tall clubs form groups with other tall clubs by regional, national or continental boundaries.  Tall groups work to promote each club's activities.  Social events provide a chance to meet while sharing activities with other individuals of height.  Typically each club gets involved with some community activities and volunteer assistance.

For North America, general membership requirements include:  a height (6 foot 2 inches or taller for men or 5 foot 10 inches or taller for women, measured in stocking feet).  When the drinking age was raised in USA an age restriction was added (21 years-old or older).  Note, California Tip Toppers Club still requires minimum height 6 foot 4 inches for men and 6 foot for women.  European clubs have different requirements.

Each local tall club is locally operated by the local club's members.  Local members choose the activities and involvement plus serve as officers.

Socializing is the common thread for most tall club activities.  The gathering location or activity is anything a member wants to host. An individual is able to feel more "average" height when attending an event. Additionally, clubs host "a weekend" (a get-away weekend) where other tall club members are invited to visit the host club's city for an activity filled weekend.  Annually one local club hosts a week long gathering.  One long gathering occurs in North America and occurs in Europe.  Since a local club hosts each activity, all other tall club attendees benefit from the host club members local knowledge and local activity planning.

All tall club membership shares one unique thread, height.  Sharing only height provides a basic set of shared experiences, height issues, hence a camaraderie.  Yet each tall individual's differences make for wonderful diversity.  Height provides a focal point for club lobbing and charity work.  Periodically, a love forms between club members yielding tall wedding bells, life partner or similar.

I joined Tall Club of New York City in 1995.  One tall club membership benefit, while traveling I have been fortunate enough to attend many local tall club gatherings in multiple cities around USA, Canada and Europe.  In addition to being a member, I performed officer duties.  My officer duties meant I was very involved with my local tall club.

Benefits of being a tall club member

  • A social "network" of acquaintances yielding some wonderful long-term and close friends.
  • A non-spoken principle that an attendee is not asked "How tall are you?" (however, club officers measure every prospective member in stocking feet prior to full membership.)
  • Information sharing for locating "tall" body friendly things (clothes, cars, furniture, home design considerations, accommodations, services, etc.)
  • Activity diversity, local clubs host events to which tall club members from any other tall club may attend.  Activities which guests may attend proves a wonderful thing for an individual who likes to travel.
  • Conversation diversity like few other groups.  (the closest analogy is conversations with other public transit riders.)

My Tall Club Involvement

  • Local club officer - served club officer terms as:  social (planning and coordinating events), treasurer, secretary and president.
  • North American Convention 1991 Host Committee - for 1991 Tall Clubs International Convention, annual convention, I was a member of the Atlantic Tall Club host committee.

Locating A Local "Tall Club"

Local tall clubs each have a name - frequently the club's name includes the geographic region for the club's location plus an indication for "height" or stature.

Given there are many tall clubs, generally members refer any particular tall club as the "tall club."  Similarly, the whole tall club collection is referred to "tall clubs."

Websites exist listing the affiliated clubs and linking to other club websites.  North America and Europe have the majority of tall clubs.  I suggest consulting a website to find a local tall club near you.  For North America, start at Tall Clubs International website (  Tall Clubs International, North America tall club group, website links to other region websites.

North American Tall Club affiliated Member Clubs Support

Local tall clubs are active in their community.  Collectively North American tall clubs have agreed to jointly support two things.

  • Marfan disorder - a connective tissue disorder.  When Marfan started percentage wise more tall individuals were affected than non-tall individuals.  (as research yields more information the height factor has become one of more factors.)  The various Marfan websites have more details.  (US Marfan or Canadian Marfan
  • Tall Clubs International Scholarship program - annually graduating high school students complete for a one year $1000 college scholarship.  Applying students must meet height requirement of 6 foot 2 for men and 5 foot 10 for women.  Students must attend an accredited college or university fulltime the Fall of the year they graduate high school.  Annually the scholarship application forms are produced.  Contract TCI via website under scholarship for full details.
  • Tall Clubs International Foundation, Inc.'s charitable work is funding a single college scholarship or multiple college scholarships.  TCI Foundation is designated as an eligible 501(c)(3) organization (non-profit organization including tax deductions).  In July 2008, Tall Clubs International Foundation funded a TCI Scholarship (TCI Scholarship) for nine graduating high school students.  To make a tax deductable scholarship fund donation, please visit TCI Foundation's website.

Starting A Local "Tall Club"

Starting a tall club requires effort plus some time and a bit of money.  The issue is getting the word out about the tall club.  Internet and some other electronic information sharing options really helped.  However, the rewards include meeting the people proves doing fun activities.  Some helpful and free information about starting a tall can be found at Tall Clubs International website (

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