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Computers, information networks and telecommunications form the physical subsections, these systems are only physical systems.  Full benefits from any physical system are recognized when the physical systems facilitate information management, serving information to meet demands, connecting equipment or linking individuals necessary for answering questions.  Questions originate from staff, advisors and customers while answers come from data handling and integrating information sources plus wisely connecting with other sources for missing pieces.

I work with organizations to best implement technology through adjusting procedures plus efficiently capturing and harnessing information for benefit.  Integrated information yields answers to the "does this correlate," "what happened last time" and "if we do" questions, streamline operations, improve information sharing, etc.

Positive Benefits

  • An organization using best operating practices for the specific organization means a smoother operating organization.  (While logical, achievement takes serious and organized effort to achieve.)
  • Improved information flow and handling makes the organization more efficient for the long-term.

My Involvement

  • personal - specifying the project requirements then receiving approval followed by doing the project
  • project leader - being group leader for a large project and hiring the necessary staff

My breadth & Depth

  • small and medium sized organizations - consulted about processes, telephone systems, computers, networks, software, outsourcing
  • large organizations - did proof of concept or pilots for functionality, oversaw project staffing


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