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  1. Do I model?
  2. Will I teach you to snowboard?
  3. Was it hard to learn unicycling?

Do I model?

No.  I have never been a model or on a "run way."

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Will I teach you to snowboard?

In a word, no.

To learn something new there are many small things which are important.  I do not consider myself qualified as a teacher for snowboarding.  I am sure I would miss important things or present things in a poor order for learning.

I recommend taking your first lesson from a qualified instructor.  This person teaches snowboarding regularly so has a style and is in tune with a first time rider's needs.  The instructor has a teaching sequence to make sure the steps are taught in order and little things are not omitted.  The person is also gear toward getting you going and tweaking the initial things for your success.

In summary, I will share what I know for improving but I would rather keep our friendship than trying to be a snowboard instructor.

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Was it hard to learn unicycling?

Learning any skill means gaining the necessary skills.

Unicycling involves the basic unicycle riding skills plus diversity skills for the activities one cares to do while riding.

Factors affecting a unicycle's suitability for a specific use:  wheel diameter plus design (rim type, spoke diameter, spoke count, number of spoke crosses, hub and similar), crank shaft length, plus seat height and style.  Many new unicycle models have been released after roughly 2000.  Choose a model that fits your weight and riding preferences plus most importantly activity choices.  (a performance or show model will not do well for trail riding.)

Regarding seat comfort, riding a unicycle is similar to riding a bicycle.  One selects a seat that feels best.  Experienced riders know which seats feel better.  You can ask and others can help but buying then using is the only way for personal choice.

When you begin unicycle riding you are sitting on a seat which is new to you.  The first time sitting on the seat is similar to when you first sit on a bicycle seat or similar for any other new seat.  For each seat type one adjusts ones seat position for best comfort then ones body adjusts for the new seat pattern.

Just like any new seat, part of learning to ride a unicycle is learning to position everything for best comfort.

Like repetitive things you will become proficient at achieving the comfortable seat position automatically.  (Achieving a comfortable seat position will be like clock work.)

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