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I enjoy life and living.  Living requires active and involved.  My activities reflect wide-ranging interests including expanding my knowledge (learning new things).  Interesting personal activities provide spice and diversity.

Chance, luck, active curiosity, good fortune, opportunity, seeking, etc. means broad experience diversity provided opportunities to fan the fire below my wide-ranging interests.  Assorted things provide perspective and fundamental information with atypical breadth.  Starting background information provides a vision diversity few fully appreciate plus difficult to completely explain.  Yet, I try hard to incorporate this unique insight.

Challenging professional projects allow professional growth and mental renewal.  Listening then attacking and solving issues for people is a fundamental link.  Many projects involve technology and technical systems.  Beyond achieving the desired outcome, compassion and caring for people keeps the technology grounded for me and those individuals I interact.

I have few professional certificates or accreditations because at the time I did the work activity the certificates did not exist.  Achieving large projects on "small" budgets which other say are unachievable is my forté.  Locating other individuals technically capable to partner on my projects has always been a challenge.  Yet, I have been fortunate to get support on each segment from great minds.

I am a people person living an active and social life.  Maintaining and enlarging my wide breadth of skills requires a thorough attention for details. I am a engaging, fun and outgoing person atypical from the stereotypical "propeller head."

I consider a multifaceted (reality based with all its complexities) and insightful discussion incredibly stimulating.

My life blends personal and professional while combining paid work and volunteering plus friends, activities and sports.  I have too many facets to articulate any well within a website.  Therefore, my website is a brief and hopefully zesty overview.  I am trying to share the feeling and some breadth of my extensive and diverse facets.

Wisdom is gained and useable knowledge.  Persistence moves me.  Creativity and ambition supply direction with options.  Caring routes me. Adding knowledge and new experiences plus learning from others improves an individual's wisdom.


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