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For my personal photo gallery, in 2001 I searched my personal photo collection and found no viable pictures.  I put out word I was looking for digital images of myself.  Fortunately, friends came through.  Friends sent me digital pictures or digital images from scanned photographic prints.

Background for no photos... when I ceased doing photography for money, I ceased carrying my photo gear.  Therefore, for years I took no pictures and have no pictures.  In early August 2003, a water problem where I lived ruined most existing personal negatives, films, prints, etc. plus ruined all prints given to me for years.

For my website, I used the following fundamental considerations to choose pictures:

  • standard photographic details are in place (signed "model releases" or an approval and similar)
  • no photograph included a "9/11" structure or related (9/11 in 2001 affected many.  Avoided structures include New York City's World Trade Center or other site.)

I augment the variety of pictures during my website improvements.

Photograph note... for a larger/full size view, click a picture or picture box.
(If your browser fails to display the picture in the gallery thumbnail view, you can click the description text for a full size view.)

Professional Days

A work day

Book Release Party

Mark Bego's Tina Turner Break Every Rule book release party (May 2005)

A Lion's View

Trafalgar Square central monument (London)

Family Time

Relaxing during a family gathering

Lac Commandant

On the deck at beautiful lake side hotel (Québec)

Moving Snow

Clearing over 12 inches of freshly fallen powder with snowblower (Feb. 2006)

FLA Café

A beautiful day for enjoying a meal outdoors next to FLA's east coast ship channel (Hollywood, FLA, USA)

Queen Mary & "Scorpion"

The fancy "RMS Queen Mary" and Russian submarine (Long Beach, Calif.). Queen Mary is now a hotel.

Deep Hollow Ranch

"Oldest Cattle Ranch in USA est. 1658" (Montauk, Long Island). To Texas, I have no "XIT" picture so I apologize.

Dress-down "Office"

My "yes you can" business attitude shows October 2006

Washington Square

Beautiful August 2007 afternoon by the Arch

Photographic credits:

  • Professional Days, Book Release Party for Mark Bego & FLA Café - taken by Ann Watt
  • A Lion's View - taken and scanned from a print by John Gil
  • Family Time - taken by Judith Rothemund
  • Lac Commandant - taken by Hanna Gube
  • Moving Snow - taken by Richard Young
  • RMS Queen Mary & "Scorpion" - taken by Uwe Seyler
  • Deep Hollow Ranch - taken by Eliot Sela
  • 2006 "Office" styling - taken by Steve Andreala
  • Washington Square - taken by Max Flatow

A special "thank you" from me goes to each individual for their willingness plus efforts to share pictures.


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