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I enjoy an active life.  This includes participating in group sports and solo activities.  I enjoy a wide variety.  I regularly participate in several activities.

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  1. Outdoors General
  2. Sports General
  3. Snowboarding
  4. Volleyball

Outdoors General

For me "outdoor" means an unhurried pace, permitting the senses to adjust and refocus plus allowing nature to interact.  Regardless, fresh air with some surroundings is wonderful.  Yet appreciating something so large one must expand the mind understand or realize one should not conquer.  Outside and nature one should value piece meal for minuscule organization and interaction versus control and force.  Seeing the vastness versus self, helps individual round life while providing some perspective and place.

My Outdoor Favorites

  • boating - canoeing, rowing, small boat sailing, white water rafting
  • beach activities - swimming, volleyball, relaxing, watching the sunrise or sunset
  • camping
  • hiking - through the woods / fields, country or mountains (Northeast has may hiking options)
  • snow activities - snowshoeing or cross country skiing (Nordic skiing)
  • walking - a large city before it gets busy so watching it wake-up (for Manhattan say between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m.)
  • watching nature and wild life
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Sports General

Sports provides me a chance to push and enjoy.

My Sports Favorites

  • beach activities - volleyball
  • coaching - a trainer for youth soccer league
  • snow activities - snowboarding, skiing (Alpine skiing), snow-tubing (good relaxing fun)
  • unicycling - unicycle riding, on-road / off-road, doing tricks, distance rides, etc. ( is a great source and resource for unicycles and gear with knowledgeable staff)
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Traveling down the mountain without poles seemed like a nice thing.

Frequently during Winter 1995-1996 season, I downhill skied at Sunday River (Bethel, Maine, or Newry, ME).  For several years I had considered snowboarding.  During Winter 1995-1996 I kept reading Sunday River's special "learn to ride" deal.  Late season they offered special prices for their "learn to ride" package.  I succumb late March 1996.  It was my final weekend for snow sports in Winter 1995-1996 season.  Sunday, I decided to try snowboarding.  I purchased the morning special "learn to ride" snowboarding lesson deal (9 a.m. to 12 p.m.).  The equipment fitting started immediately and the lesson started at 9:00 A.M.  The lesson group comprised six 14 through 16 year-olds and myself plus the instructor (a 21 year-old, working Winter 1995-1996 season in USA from United Kingdom).

For the 1995-1996 Winter season, Sunday River ( only rented standard width snowboards.  Snowboarding I wear men's size 13 boots.  Wearing the 13's and riding a standard width snowboard meant my first day was a bit rough going.  Many turns I tried, my toes or my heels would catch stopping me immediately then I would fall over.   I learned to carve less thereby reducing my toe or heel drag but largely reduced turn capabilities.

My "learn to ride" instructor was great and I was having fun, even with the frequent falling.  Given the good time, I paid the small additional charge to keep the gear and have a lift ticket for the afternoon, an "add-on" option.

Late November 1996, I purchased my first snowboard, boots, etc.  This deck was an extra wide and long, 182.  Middle January 1997, on a Wednesday I took my gear to an Upstate New York mountain.  Having the proper sized snowboard, this was my first day really riding.  The small mountain was okay and I was getting the feel for boarding.

I continue snowboarding.  Snow conditions and my time dictate how much riding every season.

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I began regularly playing organized volleyball when I moved to Texas.

In coastal Texas the nearby Gulf Coast beaches allowed for frequent beach volleyball.  Generally Texas coastal weather permitted me to play beach all but three to four months during the year.  Local sand courts augmented the beach time.  Additionally, I played indoor 6's three to nine months per year.

When I relocated to NYC region, I quickly located volleyball.  I found a large Manhattan indoor league for year round indoor.  I joined a NYC team comprised of Columbia University graduate students and medical students.  This first indoor team played really well together and a great time socializing.  We played league indoor and weekends at local beach tournaments and grass court.

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