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For over 20 years, I consulted computer operations.  My creative hardware and custom software solutions plus interface and interconnect solutions meant I worked with small organizations through Fortune 500 companies.

Project Variety

  • designing and implemented database systems
  • wireless radio-frequency (Radio Frequency (Rf)) data networks and systems
  • proof of concept (software function) and proof of function for hardware (benchmarking)
  • integrating hardware (writing drivers and interface for operating systems to connect hardware)
  • data transfer and interchange including interface hardware, hardware drivers and software plus encryption (software and hardware) and security
  • oversee trading floor systems and data feeds
  • interconnecting an organization's sites (nationally and internationally for voice and data) and interconnecting different organizations for electronic data interchange, electronic commerce, etc.
  • computerize an organization - design, install the systems, cable and install all user stations, configure all the interconnections (other sites, remote users, etc.)
  • train site personnel

My Involvement

  • personal - specifying the project requirements then receiving approval followed by doing the project
  • project leader - being group leader for a large project and hiring the necessary staff

My breadth & Depth

  • computer systems - microcomputers (PCs, Mac, etc.) to clustered mid-sized mainframes (up to 8 processors)
  • hardware systems - servers and server clusters:  storage arrays, webservers, email
  • operating systems - Pick, Unix, Linux, DOS
  • programming languages - various BASIC, assembler


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