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For over 15 years, I consulted and serviced about networks and network operations.  My involvement includes design, planning, installing and overseeing many network types.

Project Variety

  • wireless data equipment (radio-frequency, Radio Frequency (Rf)), networks, hardware and software, plus related systems
  • Internet Protocol site - link site with Public Internet, configure site equipment for the various packet type protocols: SMTP, HTML, etc.
  • design site's Intranet, Private Network, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Internet protocol Voice (packet voice over the Internet)
  • network security:  firewalls, data encryption, authentication schemes
  • interconnecting an organization's sites (nationally and internationally for voice and data) via private and public network protocols
  • prior to Internet Protocol's (IP) dominance - wrote switched packed protocols with routing and high-availability plus some included 64 bit and higher encryption
  • integrate a site's staff for better information flow
  • maintaining, improving and monitoring network traffic
  • train site personnel

My Involvement

  • personal - specifying the project requirements then receiving approval followed by doing the project
  • project leader - being group leader for a large project and hiring the necessary staff

My breadth & Depth

  • hardware systems - Black Box, Cisco and other commercial proprietary systems (voice, data, and combined voice & data MUXing, etc.)
  • operating systems - multiple vendor's operating system (vendors O/S)
  • programming - various languages (hexadecimal, basic, object oriented)


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