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I love living and life including trying to laugh at myself, open to change, am positive, and generally observe the best in individuals as well as see other's good intentions.

I maintain an active lifestyle.  For enjoying life, I know a healthy body and spirit are important.  Learning new things keeps my mind elastic.  I truly believe that maintaining the combination of the aforementioned aids saving one pain and agony (literally and metaphorically).

Currently I live a split life, living in Northport, NY, while working New York City.  Hence, daily I traverse the 55 miles supplying me relaxation and reflection time.

Primary principles in my life are honesty and integrity integrating a physically active life style and a mentally active living.  I am balanced, educated and caring.  I enjoy a good laugh and have great sense humor, leaning toward the dry or British humor (including sarcasm which is saved for good friends to reduce misunderstandings).  Morals and family values with personal responsibility are important (not because a "President" said it, a leader or guiding figure or a political party markets or claims).

While my profession provides me challenges and enjoyment, work remains just one part of my whole life.  Work's demands allow one avenue for learning more (learning remains fundamental to life). My job is technology consulting but covers all facets including: corporate, management, engineering and through hands-on. Work is interesting and challenging. Business includes some demanding points (24/7 networks, corporate and personal websites, systems, etc.) yet not my whole life.

I enjoy the outdoors.  My personal activity diversity (in no particular order):  sports & exercise, socializing, helping friends, cooking / baking (including hand-washing dishes), music (diverse mix the choice depends on my mood or doings), theater, cinema, dancing, walking around town, the outdoors and traveling.  Volunteering provides diversity while allowing me to give back and share.

I am active w/ diverse hobbies and interests while enjoying life. My friends would describe me as honest, people / family oriented, loving, active, intelligent, caring, attentive and humorous (w/ some sarcasm). My friends and others (even individuals on the subway) tell me that I look like a good looking actor.

I host friends who visit and share city knowledge with travelers.

I am looking for / to find the partner. (the one partner, plus not a couple.) Acceptable, someone who is a good friend then becomes more. I prefer someone with an active and healthy lifestyle plus taller. Honesty and humor while enjoying life with one whom I can share life and living.

If variety is the spice of life, then I have been very fortunate through life to have enjoyed diversity within the world of life's many spices.  Yet, I maintain moderation and individual enjoyment for each spice.  (knowing a spice does not mean partaking yet understanding why another might partake.)  An advertisement slogan (I remember but cannot sight) might provide the best summary for my mix, "More shaken not stirred than shake it up baby."

Clubs and Activities

Clubs and activities including tall clubs (an organized clubs collection geared for tall individuals), my volunteer involvements, and similar.

Sports and Outdoors

Sports, the outdoors, energetic activities for fun and for socializing, body and mind, and similar.

My Personal Photo Gallery

A few photographs of me enjoying a life slice or bit.

Favorite Websites

Some websites for my favorite things (the websites might assist you)


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