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For more than 15 years, I consulted telephony and telecommunications.  My work included integrating telephone, telephone services, data networks, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) / IP voice (non-VoIP protocols), cellular and managing telephony services (voice and data service).  Additionally, I specified, installed and maintained traditional PBX and key systems.

Project Variety

  • design and oversee telephony services (single or mixed) for:  voice, fax servers, cellular, data, local, long distance, etc.
  • install telephone systems (small PBX and key systems)
  • install and configure call accounting software (for billing)
  • programmed PBX interfaces and any necessary telephone system interface connections
  • PBX and key system programming plus station setup - initial setup or adds, moves & changes
  • move stations or departments (on large PBX) - planning, wiring and programming
  • relocate sites (organization with integrated PBX systems) - wiring and programming
  • interface or interconnect - traditional standard PBX and key systems and equipment with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems and Internet Protocol (IP) voice on related equipment (see network section for more details on VoIP)
  • train site personnel

My Involvement

  • personal - specifying the project requirements then receiving approval followed by doing the project
  • an installation team - a team leader on large projects
  • project leader - being group leader for a large project and hiring the necessary staff

My breadth & Depth

  • hardware - traditional KSU systems, PBX systems and BX systems plus computers and dedicated special units for VoIP and IP voice
  • hardware systems - many brands and models for KSU or Nortel for PBX and BX
  • cabling - within a building or campus standard copper and/or fiber optic


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